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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mushroom Swiss Burgers: A Discussion

After the heavy post the other day, thought it was time to bring this blog back to it's normal state of depth and wisdom.

Today, I tried something new. McDonald's has come out with a new line of burgers. I was looking forward to a break from my usual "Quarter pounder with only cheese and ketchup". So I order, and pull in a space to eat. I had ordered mine with no mayo, because I am high maintenance that way.

Opened the burger, noticed the bun looked fancier than normal, which was cool. Then I noticed there were two slices of cheese on it. Another cool. Then I took a bite. You know when you are craving something, but can't have exactly what you want, so you settle for something similar, but the whole time you are eating it you feel unfulfilled and disappointed, because it's just not the same? That was pretty much the experience. Underneath that fancy bun was a layer of mushrooms from a can, heated up till they were nice and dry and rubbery. Then under that was the cheese. Cheese that looked like swiss cheese, but only sort of tasted like it. Then the meat. All I will say is: even if you call it fancy things and dress it up, there really is no disguising McDonald's burger meat.

I spent my meal taking a bite, sighing, and then dreaming of what I should have gotten. A mushroom swiss burger from Hardee's. Typing those words now even makes me hungry. If you don't have a Hardee's nearby, you need to move. Their mushroom swiss burger actually tastes like real food. There is no mayo on that burger, because it doesn't need it. The mushrooms swim in a delightfully salty and juicy sauce. And the burger meat itself actually tastes like real Angus beef as advertised. Unlike that yellow arches place.

I think the only up side of the nasty burger today was that it did fill me up. Sure, I felt bloated and sick for hours afterwards, but it was filling!

This review brought to you by the letter M (for my name, and mushrooms!) and the number 6 (how many hours it took for me to feel normal again after today's "meal").

(The legal mumbo jumbo-I don't get paid by Hardee's or anything like that. This love is real and true.)


The Mrs. said...

The burger felt you up? That's a whole new kind of McDonald's nasty.

(Paragraph 5 - Thanks for the laugh!)

Meghann said...

Whoops! LOL!!!


Lacey said...

Well, I guess it is a good thing I don't eat bread anymore or I might have been subjected to that nastiness myself (mushroom swiss are my fav). Although, I have to say for me, DQ beats out Hardee's :).