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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids and Music

With both the hubby and I being musicians, our kids have a genetic predisposition to music. We don't know if any or all of them will get serious about playing instruments, and we're trying hard to not push it. The last thing we want to do is turn them off about it, and I believe forcing a child to play something can do just that. When we started off on this parenting gig, we regularly exposed them to music. Ryan and Lindsay both went to concerts when they were tiny. Ryan spent part of his baby and toddlerhood sitting in with the hubby while he taught trombone lessons. Then life got crazy, and we got away from exposing them as much. We have both figured out over the past year or so that has been a mistake. Especially when the hubby would put on a classical music cd, and the kids would say "Hey, that's the music that came from Tom and Jerry!"

So we've been making more of an effort to have music going in the house more often. What is being played varies, as we have eclectic tastes, and I believe that while classical music has it's merits, and I do love it, that a more rounded approach to music will be better for them. Last night, while the kids got ready for bed, the hubby played a classical cd throughout the house. Today, around the house, I'm playing my last.fm station, which includes a wide range from Santana to Snow Patrol. In the car, we listen to a station that is mostly 70's rock, with some 80's sprinkled in. (This morning, while driving, "Low Rider" came on. Lindsay was jamming out in the backseat and declared "I love this song!" It was a proud moment for me.)

While it's every musician couple's dream to have spawned a musical prodigy, I think we'll have done a good job if nothing more happens than our children growing up with a real appreciation for music, and loving a wide range of it, as their parents do. (although as a side note, Lindsay is showing some real promise, and Logan and Hannah are beginning to) If we raise children who love rocking out to Metallica, but can also sit and really appreciate a good symphony, then I'll be happy.

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