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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Couch to 5K

Welp readers, remember how a few months ago I talked about some personal goals, and I spent a while keeping you all up to date on how I was doing? And then that kind of fizzled out. I have to admit I personally gave up for a while. After a few months of cutting back drastically on my Pepsi consumption, eating healthier, and trying to be more active, I didn't lose any weight. Oh no, in fact, I gained some. So over the holidays, I basically said "screw it" and ate and drank whatever in the heck I felt like. (And oddly enough, didn't gain any weight, go figure)

But I can't go on ignoring things, I've realized that. Especially when I have awesome friends doing awesome things. Like Lacey, who if you read her blog, has lost an amazing amount of weight and looks great. Part of what she did was something called the "Couch to 5K" program. I looked it up, and read about it, and thought "You know, I may just be able to do this."

It has you slowly build up your jogging skills over two months, and by the end, you can jog 5K, or about 3 miles. So I am going to put it to the test. It's all been planned with the hubby, and I am starting tomorrow. With the program, you do it three days a week, and my days are going to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I may throw in some sit-ups on the off days, we'll see. I do have a few internet friends who I am dragging along for the ride have jumped on the bandwagon with me. If any of you out there want to join in, you're more than welcome to. I figure this will be a fun experiment, since I lead a very sedentary life at the moment. (In between all the laundry and watching the kids anyways)

We're doing the program found here: LINK

I'll do my best to getting back to weekly progress reports. I think getting away from doing them in the first place wasn't a good thing for me. You can lie to yourself a lot easier if no one else is there to have any input. I'm really hoping this one sticks. I've got a band of friends behind me, including all of you out there, and the hubby is on board as well, to kick my butt keep me on track.


Lacey said...

WTG, you can do it!!! Also, remember...it isn't about speed but endurance. I started off really slow and have now worked up to a non-snail pace...LOL!

angi said...

I'll check it out this morning & let you know - I also am sedentary aside from the basic running around for my family (and by tat I mean DRIVING - which I am sure does not count, LOL)!