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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got my child high today. . .

. . .and it was totally legal.

Lindsay and Logan both had cavities, so today was the appointment to get them filled. Lindsay is mature enough, that they just gave her some laughing gas, and we didn't even have to go back with her. She did awesome. Other than a slightly swollen cheek tonight, she's fine.

Logan on the other hand, was a little more complicated. They didn't want to put him out, as he was pretty cooperative at his checkup, but they still needed something a little more potent than the gas. They chose to give him oral sedation, that didn't knock him out, but made him the life of the party. I went back with him, and at first, they gave me the medicine in a cup to give him. Apparently it was really nasty, and that was a no-go.

So, as awful as it sounds, me and three assistants had to hold him down, while one also plugged his nose, while the dentist squirted the medicine down his throat with a syringe. It didn't all get down, but it was enough they assured me it would still work. Then they sent us back out to the play area to wait until it kicked in. I stood there watching him play with the trains wondering when it would kick in. First he stumbled a little. Then took a train and smashed it onto the train track and literally started guffawing, which he has never done before. He half way fell onto the train table he was laughing so hard. It was this deep slow laugh too. I lost it and started laughing with him. Hey, at least he's a happy drunk.

They came and got him and took him back to do his fillings. He did great. When they brought me back to see him, he was laying in the chair glassy eyed, getting a bit of oxygen and watching Ratatouille on the flat screen. (our dentist is fancy, a flat screen for every dentist chair, I kid you not. Where is that at the adult dentists?!)

We paid for the visit with part of my soul and our first born, and then headed home. That's when the real "fun" started. I've mentioned before that Logan has sensory issues. And a kid with sensory issues + a numb mouth = BAD. By the time we got home, we discovered he had been chewing on his lower lip. It was bleeding badly, and looked like raw hamburger. Once I got the bleeding stopped, I was thankfully able to assess that the bites weren't too deep, so we didn't need to rush to the ER or anything.

I followed Logan into the house, noting that he would definitely fail that sobriety test where you have to walk on a line. We let him eat a little, because by this time it was almost noon, and he hadn't eaten since the night before. (we had to restrict food because of the sedation) He literally was the entertainment at lunch. He'd sway in his chair, zone out, and then start laughing. Once I even saw him put his hand on the table and put his head close to it, and was moving his head back and forth watching it. I half expected him to start saying "The colors man, the COLORS."

I finally decided he needed to take a nap. Partly because he was barely awake as it is, partly because he would not. Stop. Chewing. On. His. Lip. I had to rock him to sleep with my finger in his mouth to keep him from biting down. Fun times! He slept for a solid 4 or 5 hours, and when he woke up, his lip was really swollen, but the novacaine wore off, so he is no longer tempted to chew on it, because wow, it like, hurts, now.

Hopefully this will be his last dentist procedure for a long while, although I do have to admit, it was kinda fun being my kid's drug dealer. :-P


Lacey said...

I bet that was hilarious! Hope his lip is healing well!

Michelle said...

hmmm, do I need to let Mike know there is a new dealer in GA??? LOL This was too funny. Well except the sore lip part!

Anonymous said...

Nothing funnier than a stoned little kid. Nothing.