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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 Things

I've been tagged again. This time by Lacey *points to blogroll*. I feel so popular. I'm supposed to list six quirky things about myself. I actually know I've done posts like this before, so I searched my blog to read those posts. So I can come up with different quirky things than I have posted before. I don't want you all to get bored.

1. I thought I had mentioned this, but didn't find it. I wear sandals year round. As in, even in the winter. I have tennis shoes, but only wear them when, well, I can't really remember when I last wore them.

2. Related to #1-my toenails are always painted. Always. I have been this way since high school. It's gotten to the point where seeing my toenails without polish just looks wrong.

3. Even more of the foot theme: I can't stand to have the blankets over my feet when I am sleeping. Sometimes I'll start off that way, but they always end up sticking out of the blanket. I remember my mom told me once I have been like that since birth.

4. Lacey mentioned something that made me want to mention it too. At restaurants, I am picky about where I sit at the table. I always have to sit on the side facing the rest of the room. Like there is some deep subconscious paranoia that everybody is staring at me if my back is toward them.

5. I can't stand melted ice cream. So I have to eat my ice cream really fast. I dislike it melted to the point that if half the bowl is melted, well then half the bowl is going down the drain. Or given to the hubby.

6. I like brussel sprouts!

Ok, now the tagging.

The Mrs.
Kari (again, to see if we can get her to update her blog)
Aimee if she's reading
Catie if she's reading
Lisa if she's reading.

Ta da!

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herself75 said...

I'm reading! I'll post this afternoon.