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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Goal Post: Week 2

Goal #1: Showers went ok. I think I skipped one day, because the shower the day before had been in the middle of the night, and that kinda screwed me up.

Goal #2: Still trucking along! So far I haven't caved, and have stuck to one pepsi a day. I've been drinking a lot of propel, which I think serves two purposes. Prevents a pepsi every time I drink one, and gets me drinking water, which I have been terrible about for years. Still feeling tired though. Not sure how long till my body adjusts, which is the only thing that makes it hard.

Goal #3: Still have no idea how weight loss is going. Still haven't gotten a new scale. I have to hit the store today, I'll try to pick one up. Think I am going to go with a cheap analog one, because the last two expensive digital ones have crapped out on us.

Goal #4: I wasn't very active this week. I could make all kinds of excuses, like the fact that I have hurt my shoulder/arm. But it all boils down to: I just wasn't very active this week. I'm still trying to eat smaller portions, and of healthier things, although I've noticed as the weekend gets closer, I do worse at this. I truck along great till Thursday or so, then I start to go downhill. When I go grocery shopping today, I am going to try to buy a lot of healthy foods.

So there's week two. Have lost some steam from week one, but I haven't exactly fallen off the wagon either. Hopefully stocking the house with healthy munchies and getting a scale that works will be enough motivation to make week three better!


Lacey said...

You are doing great!

Try upping your protein and cutting back on bad carbs. Carbs release serotonin...great before bed, but not so great during the day! That should help your energy a bit.

The Mrs. said...

You're doing awesome, Meghann!