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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The fun of being me

The clumsiness that I discussed in this post has struck yet again. It had been awhile since I've had a bad fall, so I guess I was overdue. Lucky for me, we moved into a house with a ton of stairs. There's only one full flight, the rest are just little sets, ranging from one to about four steps. Instead of a tri-level, ours is more like a five level house. Cool, but it also really ups the chances of me doing what I did the day before yesterday. My feet were cold that day, so I put on some socks. And promptly fell on my butt going from the dining room to the kitchen, where the stairs are wood. Yay me!

I had to brush it off quickly, as Lindsay had seen it happen and was really worried. "It's ok honey! Those tears in my eyes are tears of. . .happiness! Yes, that's it!" Some things really hurt at the time, like my elbow which I smacked pretty hard. By the next day though, (and still today) the real pain has set in. My arms and shoulders are sore. My guess is some type of whiplash type thing. Both of my legs have bruises, one of which makes it hard to sleep it hurts so bad. It's literally the biggest and wickedest looking bruise I've ever had. Frankly, it kind of feels, and looks, like I've been in a minor car accident. YAY.

In other news, we start our schooling next week. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but mostly the kids are driving me crazy during the day, so it's a good time to start.


Lorie said...

This reminds me of the day I was hell bent on wearing some knee high boots to work. I was walking down my parent's carpeted stairs with my bags and caught something and I managed to "roll" my ankle. That bruise was HORRIBLE looking and not so pleasant to have to walk on. OUCH! Best of luck to you and your recovery. Yeah school! Mommy needs some quiet time! Any luck with getting special schooling for Ryan there?

The Mrs. said...

Ouch! I'm the queen of nasty looking bruises. The General always tells me I bruise like a peach, and my response is that it's because I'm so sweet. =)

Glad you're okay!

Michelle said...

Ow! I hope you heal up ok!
Yay for starting school next week! We are waiting till the first week of Sept. You are going to do great :)