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Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's important to have goals. It keeps one from just dissolving into an apathetic pile of mush. Although, just having goals isn't enough. I make plenty of goals all the time, and then time goes by and later I find myself thinking "Yeah, that was a nice goal, too bad it didn't happen." Which is where the other part comes in. Once you make goals, you have to actually DO something about it. Which sucks, I know, but until the Fairy Godmother shows up, we just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Lately I've been unhappy about a lot of things. I've been complaining about my weight for quite a while. So, a long time ago I made the goal of losing some. I even bought a Pilates DVD and everything. But after one session, I realized "this is HARD." And then I brilliantly gave up and resigned myself to just whining. I am such a great role model for my children. Along with the weight, I just haven't felt well for a really long time. And I will be a big girl and fess up, I drink waaaaay too much caffeine, I eat like crap, and I don't exercise, unless you count typing as an exercise. Anyone out there know how many calories typing burns? Anyone? I know for a fact this is the most sedentary I've been in my entire life.

So, I have decided to re-set my goals, and then I am going to use the magic of the internet to help me achieve them. That is, I am going to post them here, for all the world to see. Then people can cheer me on, or nag me, or stalk me, whatever.

Goal #1: Shower every day. Those out there without kids are probably thinking "Ew! You don't shower every day?!" Those other moms out there can *hopefully* back me up that sometimes with kids life gets so crazy that the day goes by and you collapse into bed without having bathed. Then you wake up the next morning, noticing your hair looks like crap so you throw it in a pony tail, and then as soon as your husband gets off work, you meet him at the door saying "I have to shower NOW." But, I digress. . .showering every day. I feel more human, and just better about myself and the world around me when I get to do this. So I am making it a goal.

Goal #2: Cut back caffeine to one cup of coffee and one Pepsi per day. This is going to be tough, but I kind of freaked out one day when I realized I was drinking anywhere from three to six cans a day. And good googly moogly, that's a lot of Pepsi really. And probably goes hand in hand with the weight gain, as there are 150 calories in just one can. 150 x 6 cans= Photobucket

Goal #3: Lose 30 lbs. A lot of my friends and people who've met me think I am crazy when I say that. I am tall, and hide extra weight well. However, to prove I won't be dangerously underweight by doing that, I was 30 lbs. less when the hubby got back from Iraq the first time. I was a normal looking weight, and felt great about myself. I even bought a ton of new clothes since I was down to a size 8, which I had never been before. Those clothes are now in a box in my closet. It would be nice to get to wear them again. And it just feels plain horrible that I am at the highest weight I have ever been without growing a human being inside me.

Goal #4: Do stuff to actually make Goal 3 happen. Be active, eat better, etc. This is pretty self explanatory.

So there, now you all can keep me accountable, which I believe is huge in getting goals like these done. I think I'll schedule a post every Saturday night that has me reporting how well I did over the past week with each goal. Then you all can either cheer for me, or throw rotten tomatoes, whichever I deserve.

Ready, set, GO!!!


The Mrs. said...

Good luck, Meghann! I know you can do it!

I could have written exactly the same thing about the lack of exercise and overall disgust of my body right now. I was just thinking last night that I need to get on track and actually DO something to change it, and I think your goals have encouraged me further. I may just join you on this quest for better overall health!!!

angi said...

GOOOO Meghann :)

I could use some motivation myself for some weight loss myself *sigh*

Oh, and the shower thing? It makes SUCH a difference. Some days it is later than others, but I always feel SO much better about myself when I shower, get dressed, and put a little make up on (just mascara & some bronzer/blush).

angi said...

me no talk to adults much cause me make no sense when me type...

hahahahahaha :)