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Sunday, July 20, 2008

And then disaster strikes

I'm still a little in shock over this.

The hubby had loaded up the back of his truck with most everything that did not go on the moving truck. Some of it was stuff we wanted/needed to keep with us, the rest were things the movers didn't pack for some unknown reason.

He had put all of our really important stuff in a plastic tub, and he put that in what he thought would be the safest part of his truck. Everything was protected by wood shelving and an intricate network of ropes and tarps.

Well, it rained a few days ago. Last night, the hubby went out to his truck to get out some things we wanted. He was out there for quite a long time, and then he called me. I could tell something was wrong, and he didn't want to tell me. Turns out, that part of his truck that he thought would be the safest, is where all the water collected. The tub of important stuff had standing water in it.

Our important papers, like birth certificates and Army documents, were okay thankfully. The stuff that wasn't okay though is hard to swallow. As in, ALL of my camera equipment. The tiny point and shoot camera that I had bought just to use until I could get "my baby" back, is now my only working camera. Some memory cards were in there too, and I have no idea if the pictures on there are okay or not. All said and done, it's about $2300 worth of camera stuff. And that doesn't even begin to address the hubby's stuff that was in there. (all of his music, other music stuff, laser pointers, etc.) Everything is moldy or rusty or both, and it all stinks to high heaven. And it sucks that there isn't an oven in our hotel room kitchenette, so everything just has to air dry. Everything that has a chance of being saved that is, which isn't a lot.

So I am still really numb. With buying the house and everything, we just aren't going to have the money to replace most of this stuff, including my camera. I mean we have a bunch of money saved up, but it has to go to stuff for the house. Sigh.

Hopefully my next post will be a happy one about us closing on the house or something like that.


Lacey said...

Oh man, I am so sorry, that sucks. Do ya'll have renter's insurance, it should cover it even during the move.

Meghann said...

Unfortunately we don't. That'll teach us. Sigh.

angi said...


After just having a flooded basement, I know how it feels. AND IT SUCKS!!