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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The up swing

Things are looking better. A lot of our wet and moldy stuff is actually drying out ok. The jury is still out on my best camera though.

Our closing is being scheduled Monday morning, and I think they are going to shoot for Thursday. So that's something to look forward to.

Our other big news is that we have decided to homeschool this year. I know it can be a controversial subject, but we really feel it might be best for our family right now. We're trying it with the philosophy that if it doesn't work, we can always put them back in school. We've already met people who homeschool here, it seems to be popular in this area. The kids are excited about it too, after we decided together as parents, we went to them about it. I wasn't going to do it if the kids didn't want to. But the older two were very interested in the idea. So we'll be taking the plunge!

1 comment:

herself75 said...

oh I'm hoping your camera is OK! 95% of the stuff we lost in the fire was actually water damage... aweful!

GL with homeschooling! I know you'll be a great teacher!