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Friday, June 13, 2008

Picture Explosion

In honor of the birthday boy. (his birthday isn't till tomorrow technically, but we had his party today. An entire 4 years old, can't believe it!)

p.s.-ignore the blue tinge to some of the pictures, I had set something on my camera for something else and forgot to set it back. Sigh.

Introducing the hardest cake yet. This even topped last year's Spiderman cake

I may be biased, but doesn't this kid just get better looking every year?

Logan and all the decorations. Well, except for the streamers that you can't see.

Lighting the candles

Us singing to him

He was singing along with us in this picture

Blowing out the candles!

A shot of the interior of the cake

Chowing down

Birthday boy snuggling after the party with his new quilt his great-grandmother gave him


Lacey said...

Happy birthday Logan!!

angi said...

OMGoodness, you have a 4 year old! Which means 1) that I almost have a 4 yr old too *gasp* and 2) I've "known" you for almost 4 years now! That seems impossible already...

Happy Birthday Logan & great job on the cake Momma - you rock the homemade cakes!!!