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Monday, August 20, 2007

T-Minus 6 days and counting

The first day of school is barreling down upon me, and since I am rather emotional about Lindsay starting this year, I'd rather ignore it and post more pictures from our trip. (one quick question-Why does it bother me so much more with her starting school than Ryan did? I think I am going to be on of those sobbing parents by the time Logan and Hannah start, SIGH.)

So, a brief recap of our trip: We drove from Texas through Oklahoma into Missouri to my aunt's house, where we hung for a few days. Then we all piled into cars and drove up through Iowa and into Nebraska to a family reunion. For the record-that is one of the most boring drives ever. It comes in just behind driving across Kansas the long way, and driving through the Texas panhandle. The reunion was interesting, lots of people I didn't know that I now have pictures of, heh.

And now on to the ever important pictures of kiddos. I'm realizing once again my pictures of Ryan are lacking. My cousin is only 5 days older than him and so I basically didn't see a whole lot of him the whole trip. They spent most of their time holed up in my cousin's room playing video games.

As usual, click on the pictures to see them bigger. There are one or two where that will be helpful.

Logan with my aunt's cat, Tyson. Awesome and patient kitty.

Lindsay feeding one of the horses

Hannah with the same horse

Logan with the other horse

Logan completely filthy, as boys should be

Lindsay at the reunion

Group shot (the only picture where I actually know everyone) Some notes-the kid in green is my cousin who is 5 days OLDER than Ryan. Note how much shorter that Ryan (kid on far left) he is. And the guy standing right next to me is his older brother. Who is 15 and was shorter than me not 6 months ago. Seriously. And my kids faces crack me up in this shot.

Lindsay putting lotion on my great grandmother, her great great grandmother. She is 99 years old and unconscious most of the time. I was SO proud that Lindsay wasn't scared of her or anything.

Lindsay taking pictures with my aunt's camera. She looks so grownup. *sniff*

And a parting shot of the three younger kids sleeping in our motel room on the way home. It was a really old motel, but cheap! Note Lindsay's interesting sleeping position, lol!

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angi said...

Great pictures!
I love the girls' matching dresses, is that the fishy in a bag print? I've seen that on dipes too....very cute :)

Also love the little clippy in Lindsay's hair too!