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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The case of the bubble toilet

This afternoon I was in the bathroom rinsing out a diaper. I have this really cool sprayer thing, as the dunk and swish days are long gone. Now, normally, when I am using the sprayer, things are slowly being flushed down, and the water level stays pretty low. Today though, as I was spraying, the water level was slowly getting higher. Hmmm.

I pulled the diaper out, and tried to flush. It did flush, slowly. And then it started making this glugging noise. So I got the plunger and used it a bit, and then attempted another flush. Same thing, slowly flushed, and then more glugging. And then, something new happened. It started bubbling. And bubbling. We're talking bubble bath type bubbles that soon filled the toilet bowl and threatened to spill out of the bowl. I used my sprayer to spray them down, and then attempted more plunging. Same results. Slow flush, glug glug glug, MR. BUBBLE!

Now, at this point, I realize something is stuck down in the pipes, and whatever it is, is soapy. On a whim that proves how deeply entrenched in motherhood I am, I lifted the plunger and sniffed it to try and identify the smell. Hmm, some kind of citrusy soap smell. I then realized I would need to call maintenance, but we had meet the teacher night at the school, so it would have to wait. I left the soapy plunger in the toilet. We ran errands and then came home. I checked on my toilet and the water level was really low, so on a whim, I flushed. Flushed much faster. I waited and then flushed again. TA DA! It totally flushed normally.

I stored the plunger and just backed away from the toilet slowly. I guess we'll never know what was down there. Questioning the midgets only gained more questions than answers.

Looking back, it was funny. I swear I almost took pictures when the bubbly froth was at it's highest. But I didn't for fear that would be absolute proof of how weird I really am.


Lorie said...

Only u! I think the pics would've made it that much more interesting!

The Mrs. said...

I agree - we need pictures next time. And sniffing the plunger? I've done some questionable things but that is something I don't think I could ever do! LMBO!