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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yes, I am still alive!

Well, I know I kinda disappeared for a while. After Hannah's birthday I ended up going out of state for a bit. Family reunion, yay. I have seen enough corn now to last a lifetime, as the reunion was in Nebraska. The pool at the hotel was awesome at least.

On the trip, I learned a few things. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

1.) Interstate driving is boring, but driving Route 66 rocks!

2.) Triple espressos from Starbucks actually work quite well for keeping you awake as you drive. Maybe even a little too well.

3.) Corn? Not very exciting. At. All.

4.) Apparently in Nebraska they have issues with people shooting things from their cars.

5.) When you let your sister take pictures, you get ones like this.

6.) And this. (had to redeem her)

7.) Apparently the great state of Oklahoma thinks people aren't too bright when it comes to that there reading thing. So, they have pictures that illustrate.

And that was mostly our trip. If I can get all the snot out of my head, I might put up some pictures of the kids and stuff next time. But only if you are good.



angi said...

glad you are back!

Lorie said...

So glad u're back. I love the photos on the doors. It looks like she's covering her na na. Hilarious!