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Friday, November 03, 2006

fun with reading

Ryan is reading really well. They read levelled books each week. The kid does well with it, they move up a level. They bring the book home and we are to read it with them and then sign a paper with the book's name and date to prove that we are not being bad parents.

Anyways, Ryan surprises me with how well he can figure out words he doesn't know. Sometimes he get frustrated and I have to remind him to calm down and just sound the word out. Today's riveting book: Honey Bees, today's word that really hung him up: hour. (He had no problem with "tongues" or "beekeeper" though, which kinda wigs me out, but whatever) So i tell him to just sound it out, seeing if he can figure it out. He sits there and goes "h-herrr, h-hoooer, . . ..h-h-whore!"

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