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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Randomness

I guess this is kind of an update? Because I have been kind of silent lately? I really do think about blogging, but then I can't think of anything witty to write, feel depressed, and sit there eating chips and watching Desperate Housewives on Hulu without ever posting anything. Today I'm just going to bite the bullet and type up a bunch of random snippets about what we've been doing lately.

Snippet 1

The kids picked out their Halloween costumes, and I finally got everything together. Ryan is going as a SWAT guy, and Logan, a skeleton. The costumes I am really excited about though, are the girls. They are going as zombie cheerleaders. I am stoked, and it was really fun buying all the parts to create the look. I could use some tips on doing zombie makeup if anyone has done it before.

Snippet 2

Those that follow me on Twitter know that I had to face a huge fear earlier this week. The dentist. I am embarrassed to say how long it has been since I last went. I have good reason though, and even the dentist, after hearing what happened last time, responded with "I don't blame you." The last time I went to the dentist, it was BAD. Like, your worst nightmare, bad. At the time I had a pyogenic granuloma which had grown kind of large. Taking it out involved extracting two teeth, and at one point while the oral surgeon was pulling it, I could feel and hear cracking. I was freaking the eff out, and his response was "Oh you're fine", and he kept on pulling. I had gone into the dentist that day expecting a cleaning, and ended up with that, instead. To top it off, the granuloma grew back very quickly, and two weeks later I was referred to another oral surgeon, who sent me for an MRI. (I'm claustrophobic) And THEN, then he decided to remove the granuloma in the hospital under general anesthesia.

So, that was the last time I had visited the dentist, and it had been kind of a traumatic experience. I kept put the dentist off out of fear. Last week for some reason I got a glimmer of courage and seized it, calling a dentist and making an appointment. They were very nice, and despite my fears, I have no cavities! (I have to say I feel like I've cheated death or something with that.) They did some gum scaling, and I need to go back and have the rest done, but overall it was a MUCH different experience than last time. I didn't realize how tense I had been during my appointment until later that night, when I was sore from head to toe. Apparently I had been clenching every muscle in my body for the entire hour long appointment.

I will go back to have the rest of my treatment done, though. I promise. And it will not take years this time.

Snippet 3

Homeschooling is still going on. Some days good, some days bad. Some days really really bad. Today was a good day, however, and shows me that it still works, and we're doing ok. (I am a bit annoyed though. We did purchase some curriculum books when we started out. Expensive ones. Do the kids want to work in those? Oh of course not. The ones they do want to use? The workbooks from the dollar section at Target. Because they have stickers. SIGH.)

Snippet 4

The hubby finished an Army course that was really long this past week. It was the distance learning part of his ALC course. (training soldiers take to advance from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant) It had been stressful on everyone, and it's a huge relief now that he's done. He passed with a rockin' A average too!

Snippet 5

The hubby is still moving to Virginia sometime early next year. It's been mostly decided though that the kids and I will stay here. It's not an ideal situation, but with the housing market being what it is, it's the smartest right now. It will suck, but we're looking on the bright side. It will be much different than the deployments we've done in the past. Any time me and the kids start feeling overwhelmed and missing him? We can just pile in the car and drive up to see him. This also keeps our options open a bit, and gives us some time to build equity. Then the hubby will either re-enlist to come back to where we live now, or he won't, and he'll get a civilian job where we live now.

Snippet 6

I re-painted my toenails last night with a new brand of polish I found, and I'm kind of in love.


Michelle said...

Just wanted to say hi! I have been like you, not posting much but I think about doing it alot! Thanks for the updates! I miss chatting with you! :) Can't wait to see the kids all dreased up. We still have yet to decide everyone. I said they have to know by Saturday so I can get everything we need. We'll see though!

Annah said...

As far as posting... don't think about it too much. Just post away. I post about whatever the heck comes tomind, hence why my blog makes no sense. LMAO

Sucky about number 5.

Why didn't you post a picture of number 6? :(

Meghann said...

Michelle-we HAVE to get together at some point. (And congratulations! I know why it's hard for you to be excited, so I'll be excited for you!)

Annah-thanks! I am going to try to just write more, and not overthink it. I didn't post a picture of the polish, because I didn't know if anyone was as big of a polish nut as I am. :) The shade is Beetle by the brand Hard Candy. It's super fine glitter that's iridescent between a greenish-gold and purple. I have an enormous polish collection, and this is my favorite one so far.