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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leaving, on a jet plane. ..

. . .well, not really. We're driving. I've told some people what we're doing, but not all. So let's have some fun with that, shall we?

We are going out of state. To see this.

Any idea what that is? Let's zoom out a little and see if that helps.

Let's zoom out some more

And more

For those that still don't know, let's zoom WAY out.

Final hints. We will be here, at the yellow X.

And what we'll be watching will be at the red X.

Figured it out?

I will say we're leaving Saturday, we'll spend a day resting, and then the big event is Monday!



Say Sumthing said...

Um...shuttle launch? OMG if that is where you're going, I'm so jealous. Take a billion photos.

Meghann said...

Yep! That's where we are going! We got passes to the VIP viewing area. :) I'll see how many pictures I'll get, but I'll probably take mostly video.

The Mrs. said...

Add me to the "I'm so jealous" list. What an awesome experience for your family. Have a wonderful time and safe travels!