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Friday, March 26, 2010

It's the spring, and that means. . .

it's time for me to beg for money again!!!

Those that know me know that I do this every year. Our family walks for the March of Dimes. In just our little family alone we've dealt with a lot. Three of our four children started off in the NICU, and the other one spent time in the PICU. We've been through prematurity, birth defects, and unknowns. Advances made in research by organizations like the March of Dimes is in part why some of my kids are alive today.

We are very grateful. I know times are still tight for everyone, but every little bit you can give helps. We will be walking May 8th in honor of our 4 kids, who have all been proven to be fighters.

Go here to read blurbs about each of their stories, and to give if you feel led: http://marchforbabies.org/mcleroy

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