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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Harassing the dog

Because I have other posts brewing in my head, but they are not ready to surface yet.

I've blogged a bit here and there about the dog before. I never really was a dog person until we got one. I really got her for the kids, but it turns out she's one of those dogs that picks one person to bond the most with. For some reason, she chose me. I could wax poetic that it's because she knows I need her the most, but it could also just be because I am the quietest person living in this house.

She loves the hubby too, and the kids to some extent, don't get me wrong. However, I am the only person privileged enough that she literally accompanies me everywhere I go in the house. She even stands sentry outside the bathroom when nature calls for me. You know, in case I fall in or something.

It's been a new experience for me, that's for sure. My entire life, I've been a cat person. We have two cats now, and I love them both dearly. Cats are what I know. Having a dog though, well, having a dog is a whole new ballpark. I never knew you could have a pet that could seem so human. There are times when I look in her eyes, and I can tell what she is thinking, and it seems like she can tell the same about me.

I may be biased, but I also think that we have a slightly more-than-average expressive dog.

Here I think she was pretending to sleep so I would leave her alone. She still has a lot to learn.

Look at these paws, aren't they great?

They remind me of a teddy bear.

This nose kills me too.

Yes Chip, I'm still here. With the camera.

After this I actually did leave her alone though. Don't want to abuse her too much in one day you know.


MacAtac said...

Barking mad I tell you dearie!

excellent photos. capturing the eyebrows is classic!

Jim said...

What a beauty!

And the secret is you can be BOTH a dog person AND a cat person. I am!