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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

{W}rite of Passage: Most Embarrassing Moment

My writing has been sucking, to me anyways, for at least a year. Perpetual writer's block, plus fatigue, and just a general sense of the blahs, have not led to good writing. I've even de-evolved to the point where I start sentences with the word and, which is not the end of the world, but definitely something my former English teachers would not be happy about. I used to be one of the students that got regular compliments on my writing. My essays, or poems, or what have you, were the type chosen to read to the class by the teacher. I say this not to brag, but to show that I used to have skillz.

There is this {W}rite of Passage thing, which is working on helping bloggers to write better. I'm joining, because I know I desperately need it. There are challenges to write about each week, which is good because it will give me something to write about. There is also the chance members from the community will come read my posts and give me some critiques as well. If I am brave enough, I'll actually read them.

This week's challenge is to write about my most embarrassing moment. This one is hard for me, not because of lack of content however. The problem is more the abundance of examples to choose from. I could write about tripping and falling flat on my face in high school. I could write about some serious and painful embarrassing events. I could write about the millions of times in band our director called me out on something in front of everyone.

I think I just thought of the perfect thing to write about actually. This event was truly embarrassing, but in a good way. It was even good in a life changing way. Sometimes being embarrassed isn't really all that bad.

In the Spring of 1999, I was in the second semester of my short-lived college career. I was doing a lot of partying and not going to class, and I was getting dangerously close to spiraling out of control. In March, I met the man who is now referred to on this blog as, the hubby. Not-yet-hubby and I had quite the whirlwind romance. He was much more reserved than I was, and helped to reign me in before I went down dangerous pathways in my life. I was very appreciative of that, and we had bonded instantly.

One quick aside that will come into play here in a minute. We were music majors together, and we were both involved in musical organizations. One that not-yet-hubby was in was known for singing on certain occasions.

On a certain day in April, I was sitting with my friends in the music school. Not-yet-hubby came along, and pulled me to my feet. He started pulling me along and yelled back to my friends "Hey, do you all want to see a serenade?"

My immediate thought: "Um, WHAT?!"

My friends all gleefully followed us outside. There, in front of the school of music of a very large university, stood most of not-yet-hubby's fraternity. You know, the singing one. With what seemed like the entire planet watching, they all got in an arc, with me and not-yet-hubby in the middle. Then they all got on one knee, not-yet-hubby included. He held my hand and took the lead, and they all proceeded to sing. To just me. In front of the whole world.

If it were possible to will yourself to implode, I would have done it right then.

Heck yeah I married the guy. I mean, who wouldn't?

If you are curious, this is the song they did. This video is of completely different people at a completely different school. It is the same fraternity though, and the same song. The hubby's fraternity was just as good, if not better, so it did sound a lot like this.

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Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I'd have married him too.