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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's the little things

Do you ever find out something, that may be something small to other people, but it totally makes your day? Like when you find out, you dance in your chair, wanting to shout the news from your rooftop? But you know you can't, because that would be crazy, so you do the next best thing and post it to Twitter and Facebook?

I totally had that experience yesterday. People following me on Twitter, or are connected to me on Facebook have already heard this news. Anways, y'all. . .there is a Taco Cabana in Atlanta. I didn't know until yesterday, and this news about made my heart burst. That might sound crazy to some, I know, but let me explain.

I'm a Texan. I wasn't born there, but was raised there. Raised in the state that invented Tex-Mex food. I know what the real thing tastes like. I have also traveled many places, and every once in a while, I'll find a place that does a decent job. I have not, however, found any place like that here in Georgia. Georgia, bless its heart, does know sweet tea, and peach cobbler, and we even found great seafood when we went to the beach. It does not, however, have any idea of what good Tex-Mex food is.

Quick tangent-I am using the term Tex-Mex, because it's more descriptive of the type of food I am talking about. Really, I would say Mexican food, but don't want to get into the whole debate of "authentic" Mexican food from Texas versus "authentic" Mexican food from New Mexico, Arizona, or California, which are all very different beasts actually. Very yummy beasts, to be sure, but still different. We won't get into the whole thing where even in Texas, that Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants can be very different things and why. In a nutshell, know when I say Tex-Mex, I mean Mexican food from a Texan's perspective. Clear as mud? Good! Let's move on.

In the 15 or so months we have lived here, I have been dying for some Tex-Mex. The really good stuff, from home. It is not to be found here though, so I've just had to put up with the cravings and be sad. 15 months is a long time to crave something, by the way. I've even been trying to cook it, but the recipes haven't come out just right, so that hasn't helped. For some reason, yesterday I decided to look at the website for Taco Cabana. Now Taco Cabana, for those who live outside the bubble they exist in, is a chain. It has a drive-thru, but isn't exactly fast food. It has things like enchilada plates, and most Tex-Mex things you can think of. They even make their flour tortillas fresh there. It's good stuff. It's not the best Tex-Mex food ever, but it's pretty dang good, and considering I haven't had any decent Tex-Mex in so long, it would taste amazing.

So yesterday, while on their site, I did a location search. I put in my zip code, and put the radius as 1,000 miles. Lo and behold, there is one in Atlanta. Atlanta is only two hours and change from here. I was so excited I posted everywhere about it, and told the hubby as soon as he came home. He agreed we would be going, and soon. I even have a friend living here in this area that is also a Texan, and she will most likely go with us as well. She was just as excited as I was about the whole thing. (So was the hubby actually.)

I like it out here in Georgia, but I really miss Texas. The people, the atmosphere, and the food. It will be good to get a taste of home. I can't wait.


Tara. said...

It is the little things that keep us going. I hope you get to head that way soon!

Jim said...

There's also three Whataburgers in GA, if'n you're interested:


Meghann said...


Dad-Oooh! Although those are pretty far away. I guess if we ever make our way down to Florida though, we'll know where to stop along the way.

Lacey said...

Well, you only have a few more months to make it down here...LOL!

I hear you though! At least here, I can get close...in the UK it was a no go for 3 LONG years!

Erin Lutz said...

It's always the little things that are the best!! Especially food!

Anonymous said...

The TC in Atlanta is a remnant of years ago when TC was franchising and expanding throughout the country. When it contracted it shut down virtually all the stores, but Atlanta is a lone holdout. It's a franchise location, but today it bears only a slight resemblance to the brand that thrives in Texas. If you go don't be disappointed, it may not be what you remember. For a real Taco Cabana fix, you'll need to hike back to the great state of Texas