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Friday, August 14, 2009

A quandary

Ok all of you out there in the blogosphere, where do YOU keep your vacuum and other like equipment?

We own an upright vacuum, a small shopvac, a steam cleaner, and one of those little portable steam cleaners, which actually takes up quite a bit of room. And here's the thing, I have nowhere good to keep them. When we have company, I try to inconspicuously tuck them into corners around the house. Obviously, this can't be a permanent solution. They need a home, and I'm quite stumped where that should be. We have no closets they would fit in, unless I wanted to give up valuable real estate in a bedroom closet. Even then, they'd have to be spread out throughout the bedroom closets in the house, and that's not very practical either.

The only other place I could think of is the laundry room, but there's no room in there either, unless I want to trip over them every single time I do laundry. Which I don't.

We have no garage, just a carport. A carport that is also home to many many Georgia spiders, so there's just no way I'm putting them out there either.

So internets. . .where do they go???


Lacey said...

That is a dilemna! We have ours in the garage now, but when we didn't have a garage, they have always been in a hall closet. We've always been blessed with closet space, even in the UK which is rare!

Jim said...

Vacuum is in the hall closet. Carpet cleaner and shop vac are in the garage (which doesn't help, I know).

Maybe you need another/bigger storage shed?

Meghann said...

I've realized that's what this house is missing. There is no hall/coat closet.

Jim said...

Buy one of those tall storage units that look like a closet from Slowes/Home Despot and stick it in the carport (with a padlock on it), or buy a nicer looking one and stick it somewhere in the house.

Remember, older houses didn't have closets at all, and so there are furniture items called "wardrobes" that serve that purpose in them, and that may need to be what you do with this.

Another thought - what, if anything, is under the stairs? Is that area convertible to storage space?

Meghann said...

Under the stairs in the a/c intake and the hot water heater.

I know where a hall closet should have been built, but with the way our home improvement projects have gone, I'm not going to touch that with a 10 ft. pole.

We used the nice looking wardrobe idea to add a pantry to our kitchen, so I guess we may need to figure out where we can fit another one in.

Jim said...

Or something like this in the garage, if you could find one that is metal, lockable and without the shelves.