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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hannah the fish

We've been having a struggle over the summer. Hannah loves water. LOVES. With her personality, she is not merely content to sit in one of those baby boats or be held in a parent's arms. She wants to swim on her own, and apparently the fact that she is little and can't swim is a minor detail to her. The few times we've gone swimming as a family have been a struggle, with me and the hubby taking turns holding a very unhappy Hannah who wanted more than anything to be free.

Now before you think we were trying to hold her back or anything, you should know we've spent a bunch of money on swimming contraptions, trying to find something that would work so she could be independent in the water. I even resorted to buying a life jacket. (which did not work by the way, SIGH.)

This past week when I took the kids to Missouri, I knew swimming would be involved, and was nervous how it was going to go. I went ahead and brought some cheap little swimming rings we had, intending on letting the older kids just play around with them. My dad and step mom bought some arm floaties as well. When we got to the pool, I decided to see what would happen if we gave Hannah arm floaties and a cheap little inner tube.

See what happened for yourself.


She was always under our watchful eyes, but if we even tried to get close to her she would say "No! Go away!" and literally swim off. She's a natural, and it was an awesome thing to watch.

1 comment:

Lacey said...

You need to get that girl into some swim lessons! You may have a future Olympian on your hands :).