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Friday, August 28, 2009

Our trip, a brief recap

Day 1: was spent scrambling doing the last minute packing and preparations. Finally, the children and moi were on our way to the coast. The trip went fine until the last hour when wicked nasty storms hit and made for some interesting driving.

Day 2: Slept in, and then got up and took the kids to the beach. We went clothed, because the weather was still a bit iffy and we didn't know how long we were going to be able to stay. It held up enough for us to be down there quite a while though. Hannah was knocked over by a wave not five minutes after we go there and refused to go in the water again for the rest of that day.

Day 3: The weather cleared up and was perfect. We toured Fort Pulaski on a Confederate day. They fly the Confederate flag and some of the park rangers were dressed in Confederate uniform. We watched a musket firing demonstration, and I realized we really are in the deep south when someone asking a question about the Confederacy, refered to it as "we". Then we we went on a nature hike to view the old Cockspur lighthouse. Much running from mosquitoes and whining from children ensued. We saw a billion crabs though and that was pretty cool. There were so many you could hear them running all over, kind of like that scene with the rock crabs in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. After that we hit the beach to cool off and have fun the rest of the day.

Day 4: Basically lazed on the beach all day until we were all sunburned. Highlight of the day: dolphins swimming not 10 feet away from me when I was in the water. Totally awesome experience. Ate dinner outside at a restaurant and then went for a walk on the island's main pier.

Day 5: We decided to check out the south end of the island. There were a lot of jetties and tidal pools, and the kids had a blast mucking about in those. I wandered around with my camera and had fun taking shots. At one point I got stuck in quicksand. That was fun.

Day 6: The kids and I went on a chartered boat to Little Tybee Island for some shelling. We found sand dollars, large cockles, a sea urchin, and some coral. Then the captain of the boat took us around the marshes looking for dolphins. We didn't get to see any, but had fun just riding around. Then we hit the beach again and stayed there till almost dark. I think I actually succeeded in tiring out the kids for the first time in years.

Day 7: The weather was once again iffy, so we decided to go to the marine science center. Once we had terrorized the animals there long enough, we ended up scouting around the north end of the island. Not as many shells as we had hoped, but the kids found feathers and had fun running after sea gulls, flapping the feathers and pretending to fly. I'm not sure what the seagulls thought about that. The rain started to roll in, so we drove by the lighthouse to look at it, and then hit the souvenir shops.

The hubby surprised me by coming back to help me clean up and pack, and we made the not so smart decision to drive back that night instead of the next morning. We won't discuss what time we finally rolled into our driveway.

The rest of the pictures from the trip can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10455228@N00/sets/72157622169882184/

And here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10455228@N00/sets/72157622046116405/

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