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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The family is whole once again

Last year, before our move, our inlaws agreed to watch our dog for us. We knew we'd be living in hotels for at least a month, and dealing with a dog who is not small would be a problem. So they took her for us, and we said our goodbyes, hoping it would just be a few months until we got her back.

Well, that few months has turned into over a year. My husband surprised me this morning by having me come into the backyard.

This was waiting for me:

I wasn't sure how she'd react to me, since it's been so long. She's normally shy around strangers, so when she came to me, she had her head down and her tail between her legs. Once she sniffed my hand though, it was an instant transformation. She got so excited she about tackled me to the ground. It truly made my day. No scratch that, my week or month, at least.

We sure are glad to have her back, and we're pretty sure she feels the same way.

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