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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The smell of bugspray, feeling greasy from sunscreen, hot sunny days, muggy nights listening to the cicadas, catching fireflies, grilling, baseball, water gun fights, bubbles, red sweaty little faces, sunglasses, flip flops, swimsuits, goggles, chlorine, tents, flashlights, roasting marshmallows, lawnmowers, watermelon, gardens, giggles, road trips, ice cream, and tucking tired out kids to bed at night.

That's what summer is made of.


Leslie said...

You just sang my song. :) I love summer.

Jim said...

Ya forgot:

Chigger bites

Time spent with those temporary-love-you-forever-best-friends called "cousins"/

Jenica said...

Corn on the cob, swamp cooler noise at all hours, monsoon rains, sandy feet, sunburns no matter how much sunscreen, warm tomatoes right from the garden, the smell of honeysuckle, trips to the ranch in the mountains for fireworks over the valley, dusty air conditioner smell in the car...sniff...mmmmmm

The Mrs. said...

I love this...couldn't agree more!