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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

THE Talk.

I finally took the plunge yesterday and did something I have been terrified to do. I had the big talk with Ryan. I attacked it from an anatomical standpoint to see if that would help me feel a bit less freaked out. (It didn't, by the way) I am glad I chose now to talk to him about it. Apparently his friends haven't talked about the big s-e-x yet, so he really didn't have any clue. There was no misinformation or rumors or anything I had to undo. I was able to be the one to introduce the whole concept to him, which I feel pretty good about. We ended up talking for an hour, going into a lot of different areas of the subject. Ryan seemed surprised, and there were a few things that made him raise his eyebrows, but on the whole, he took it way better than I did. When it was over, Ryan just walked off to watch some cartoons like nothing had happened. I, on the other hand, was ready for a good stiff drink and a nap.

The absolute highlight of the conversation was when I asked Ryan to guess something. We had discussed the egg in the woman, and the sperm in the man. I then told him that the sperm need to get to the egg inside the woman, and I asked him how he thought they get there.

His answer?

"They get caught up in the wind?"

Dandelion seeds floating through the air will never look the same again.

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