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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

(Not so) Small Victories

I've talked on here multiple times about Logan's challenges. He definitely has taught me how to really appreciate the little things. Probably not many parents out there have celebrated things like their child learning to do a thumbs up sign. But last year, we did, after weeks of his occupational therapist working on it with him.

This evening, while the hubby was mowing the lawn and the older kids were in the backyard, I was out front with Logan and Hannah. Logan decided he wanted to "ride bikes". I sighed, and said ok. Usually that involves either me or the hubby pushing him around the cul-de-sac. Hannah wanted to "ride bikes" too, so I wasn't really sure how this was going to work with me flying solo with them. Logan got on his big wheel tricycle, and I scrambled to try to make it work.

It turns out, my problem was solved for me. I gave him one push, and to my ELATED shock, he pedaled off! All the time saying "Push me, mama, push me." Then he turned back to make sure I was pushing him, and when he saw that he was halfway across the circle, and I was still in the driveway, the look of shock on his face was probably about as big as mine. Then his shock turned into a grin, and he was the proudest kid on the planet in that moment. He stood up and walked his bike back to me, saying "I did, mama! I did it!"

I couldn't praise or love that boy enough today. It was a momentous day. At about 6 weeks before his 5th birthday, (which I can't even believe is coming) Logan learned to pedal his bike.


The Mrs. said...

This teary-eyed mama is proud of you too, Logan! What an awesome moment.

Jim said...

Go, Logan! Yay, Team Logan!

Awesome stuff...

Lacey said...

How totally awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG he is amazing! :D