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Sunday, March 01, 2009

A night to remember

Friday night, we dropped the two younger kids off at the neighbors', and took the older two to the circus. Not just any circus though, but Cirque du Soleil. I had been to one of their shows as a teenager, and was excited to find out there was a show just a few hours away. (Kooza, for those interested) The hubby had never been to see one of their shows either, so I was excited to get to introduce them all to it.

We drove the long drive to what the kids call "the big city". Paid the lovely "big city" parking fee, and headed to the tent. Of course, me and the kids had to go to the bathroom, and we passed a bathroom that was outside. The hubby insisted we just use that one, as the show was starting in 30 minutes, and we hadn't even gone in the tent yet. So we stood outside in line. In the cold rain. Me reminding the hubby every five minutes that there were probably bathrooms inside.

We all got that business taken care of, and then headed in. And lo and behold, on the way to our seats, what do we see? A whole line of restrooms. Not in the rain, and right outside where we were sitting. Imagine that.

Anyways, we found our seats, and sat down to wait. A part of Cirque is the clowns wander around before the show starts, so the kids had fun watching them. Then the show started. The kids sat very wide eyed, especially Lindsay, who I believe has performing in her blood. At one point, in the very musically powerful opening, Lindsay leaned over and said to me "My heart feels the music and it loves it." (And then later during the contortionists' act, asked me if I could do that. I sadly had to disappoint her and say no.)

It was three hours of Cirque du Soleil doing what they do best. We laughed, were awed, and at some points, terrified. (there is one act called the Wheel of Death that is insane. INSANE.) This one was good for the kids, it was a much lighter spirited show than the one I saw as a teenager. (Quidam)

After the show, we let the kids pick out souvenirs, one of which being a dvd of the show. The first thing they did when they got up the morning after was pop it in to relive their fun night. It made it even more fun for me as an adult to watch the kids enjoying it. All today, Lindsay has been coming up with routines and making us watch them.

I may be in danger of not only her running off to join the circus though. The hubby was really impressed with the live music. And he was excited because one of the musicians is a trombone player, which is what he plays. A job like that would be a dream for him. So I guess if I wake up one morning to find Lindsay and the hubby both gone, I know where to look.


Jim said...

I am so, so, SO happy you all got to share and experience this. As a five-time Cirque survivor, all I can say is "Cirque ROOLZ!" And yeah, the whole kewl point is the music is live, but so are the acrobatics and the clowns and the crowd and...when you think about the fact there's always somewhere like five Cirques going on in the world every night, it is amazing.


Glad you got to go. All of you.

So...Is it going to be easier with Jeremy gone on deployment, or traveling with Cirque? :P

Meghann said...

Well you know, with Cirque, families can travel with them. They even have free schooling for the kids. (plus medical, dental, and life insurance.) Not that we have checked or anything. *cough, cough*

Lacey said...

LOL! Sounds like you *have* checked a bit :)

What a fantastic experience!

The Mrs. said...

Making memories like that is the best. Sounds like you all had an awesome time!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you got to go! How did the little ones do at the neighbor's house? Maybe next time we'll get to meet up. I'm sorry you had to stand in the rain. That stinks! I LOVE Lindsay's comment about the her heart felt the music! That is exactly how I feel about music :)

Meghann said...

Michelle-The little ones did great, of course. It seems like the more I worry, the more they like to prove me wrong, lol!

And just toss me some ideas of what days are good for you!