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Monday, March 02, 2009

Almost 10 years later, and he still surprises me

Last week, me and the hubby were surfing online together. We looked at this from the LOLCats site. Click here The following conversation ensued.

Me: heehee, that's a good one.

Hubby: *smiles a bit, but looks confused*

Me: You get it don't you? Groucho Marx?

Hubby: *still looks confused*

Me: You DO know who Groucho Marx is???

Hubby: . . . . .

Me: The comedian?!?!?!?

Hubby: . . . . .

Me: . . . . .

Hubby: Oh yeah, doesn't he have a show in Vegas?

Me: . . . . .

Hubby: New York?

Me: . . . . .

Hubby: You're going to blog this, aren't you.

Me: Totally.


Anonymous said...

Groucho Marx is funny. He didn't know who he was. The cat did look like him. Funny.

Jim said...

Just think of it as like being married to someone who is from another continent...or planet... :o)

Looks like it's a Marx Brothers video collection for someone's birthday!