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Monday, February 16, 2009

Couch to 5K: Week 3

Welp, I have to admit I kinda crapped out this past week. I only ran twice. *hides* BUT, I will defend myself by saying that I did do the program like I was supposed to on those two days. I had been scared of jogging for 3 minutes straight, but I did it! Having music really really helps. It turned out to help even more the day I forgot to take a watch on my run. I had my mp3 player though, and roughly knew the length of the songs, but I kind of had to wing it. It showed me just how dependent I've been on having a watch. I know once I'm just running the whole time it won't be much of an issue any more though.

I also did begin adding strength training this past week, on the days I don't run. I only did one day, but the goal will be 3 times a week, like the running. The strength training program involves crunches, and leg lifts, and resistance exercises for my arms. Good stuff.

I do have to admit that I've been down a bit about the running. After three weeks of it, and watching what I eat carefully, I haven't lost any weight at all. That's been pretty discouraging. I know really being in shape is a better goal than losing weight, but I'd really been set on losing the extra pounds I've gained over the last 18 months or so. To see that scale not budge at all after this amount of time has been a blow.

I will stick with it though. I am considering a doctor appointment in a few weeks if the weight still isn't coming off by then.


Lacey said...

Hang in there, it'll start moving and you are doing great!

Two things to think about though...muscle weighs more than fat and you are very likely building muscle with the running. Also, if you go too low with your calories, you send your body into starvation mode and it hangs on to everything. I had to find a happy balance for me...below 1200 and I stopped losing...above 1400 and I didn't lose either.

Meghann said...

Yeah, I thought about muscle, but at the same time, my body isn't looking any different at all. Pants still just as tight, stomach just as flabby, etc. Sigh. I guess it would be easier if there was just *something* happening. kwim?