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Thursday, November 06, 2008

We interrupt this life to bring you a bit of drama

Tuesday afternoon, the hubby was driving around town with the kids, running some errands. As he crossed over a bridge on a busy road, he saw someone walking on the side of the road, and thought it was odd. He made a point of glancing over at the person as he passed, and that's when he noticed that they were crying. He pulled over when he could, and waited for them to catch up to the car.

When she did, he asked her if everything was ok. It turns out it was a young girl (hubby guesses middle school aged) and she started sobbing saying her mom left her. Apparently her mom had gotten mad at her and left her in a parking lot. Someone upstairs was watching out for this girl though, as the second person that stopped to help works as a Child Advocate, and she was able to handle things from there.

My mind has been on that girl in the last few days, hoping that things turn out for the best for her. I kept thinking about the what-ifs as well. A young girl, walking alone like that, anything could have happened. What if the hubby had not been the first one to stop? What if it had been someone with less than noble intentions?

What bothered me as well was some of the reaction I got on a message board I posted the story on. I posted it in a way to brag about my husband. Because he had been the one to stop and help. Lots of other people had to have seen that girl walking, but none of them stopped. He did. What kind of floored me though was the few people reacting with "Well, we don't know the whole story, I bet there's more to it."

More to it? I'm sure there is. However, I don't see how it can make any of what happened ok. I can even admit that sure, maybe the mom and the girl had a fight, and the girl had run off, instead of her mom leaving her. But if it were me, you can bet I'd be following that child in the car. Maybe she was telling the truth though, maybe her mom really did get mad enough to leave her. I can imagine how tough that age is to parent. I am sure there will be lots of times I'll feel like leaving my kids somewhere. . .but I won't actually DO it. It just goes back to my main point. A girl that age has no business walking alone along a major road like that.

There are just too many what-ifs, and no matter the truth behind what happened, I am very thankful it was my husband who found her.

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