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Sunday, November 02, 2008


I know I have been talking about Logan a lot on here lately, but as a family, he is a focus right now. Something really exciting happened Halloween night, something that no one but me and the hubby noticed.

We had a blast Halloween night. We got the kids all costumed up and headed out trick or treating. Logan is always a wild card, we're never sure how he is going to react to things. Would he freak out at scary costumes and decorations? Would he refuse to go up to the houses? Would he refuse to leave a house? Would he throw a tantrum in the middle of the street? All these things were possibilities.

However, Logan gave us the best scenario of all. He LOVED it. He ran up to houses behind his brother and sister, his Superman cape flying in the wind. He even caught on to saying "Trick or treat" when told to. It was garbled and hard to understand, but it was there. With prompting, he would say thank you as well.

The highlight of my night was when I came up behind him at a house, getting ready to remind him on what to say. Before I could say anything, he pushed forward with the kids, said "Treckortree", and then after the woman dropped the loot in his bag, he said "Thank you". He was the only one in the group to say it, and he said it of his own volition.

I about cried right there on that stranger's lawn.

It was such a small thing to most people. So small. But around here, it's huge.


herself75 said...

I'm about to cry just reading that. how WONDERFUL!!!

The Mrs. said...

I've never even met him, but man. I love that kid.


(I'm wiping away tears myself.)

Meghann said...

Thanks my peeps!

It's great to be able to share the small victories and have people get as excited as we do!

Lacey said...