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Monday, November 03, 2008

It's a chili day outside

It is cold and rainy today, the kind of day where you just want to curl up in the bed with a book. A day where the coolness of fall begins to hint at the coldness of winter that is approaching. The silver lining though is it gives me an excuse to make a huge pot of chili.

My only dilemma is that I planned on making a double batch, so I can freeze half. Well, a double batch of what I normally make, is going to be way too much for even my biggest pot. So I guess I'll have to have two pots going on the stove, and then two pots to clean later. I'm betting it will be worth it later though when another day perfect for chili rolls around, and all I will have to do is heat up the batch from the freezer.

Time to start cooking!

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