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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lortab is not my friend

When I injured my shoulder, I won a free trip to the ER! When I got there, I won a door prize of some Lortab. I haven't really been able to take it the past week though, because I didn't want to be knocked out.

Well last night, I decided to go ahead and take some as I went to bed. It turns out me and Lortab? We are not, how you say, friends. First, I felt decently warm and fuzzy, which I liked. Then I laid down and discovered that when my eyes were open, I felt super sleepy and wanted to sleep. However, when I closed my eyes, I all of the sudden felt wide awake and wanted to open my eyes. The cycle kept up for a few minutes before the dreams kicked in. And the dreams? Yeah, they were about 5 kinds of messed up.

The one I really remember well went like this. I was actually dreaming in cartoons, which was weird enough. Then I remember seeing a chocolate donut dressed up like a policeman. He was attempting to arrest the bad guy, who was apparently, a cat. The cat had a secret though, and it turns out he was a pez dispenser! He then proceeded to pop a giant pez out of his stomach, which made him too big to get in the back of the police car. It was at that point he made his getaway.

After a night of "restful" dreams such as that one, I woke up feeling like I had been thrown out of a mack truck, and then the driver ran over me back and forth a few times. Which was lovely. The highlight of it all? From the time of the warm fuzzies, to the the flattening by mack truck, the pain in my shoulder did not lessen. At. All.

I think it's time to have a little chat with my doctor about getting something a little different.


angi said...

I had the same expirience with a pain med before, but I can't remember which one. It did nothing but make me jumpy and sleep short priods of restless/bad dream filled sleep - UGH!

For pain, I've always thought that tylenol 3 was the best. And it never made me drowsy like most meds can, but I am sure what works for one person does not always for others.

Good luck - hope you find something that works!! Being is pain SUCKS...

Lacey said...

Lortab is not my friend either. It made me violently ill after my c/s. Then of course, according to the military I've never had a child, so we couldn't track down *what* had made me sick. After my surgery this summer, it only took one dose to figure out it was lortab...ugh. Now it is committed to memory!