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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Squick factor: 7.5

Lindsay's two middle teeth on the bottom have been loose for over a month. There was one I was starting to get concerned about, because the permanent tooth started growing in behind the baby tooth. Friends assured me it would be ok, but it drove me insane. Lindsay just would not get it out. I was the type of kid that as soon as a tooth was loose, I'd mess with it all day till it was out. Having a loose tooth bugged me, and as it turns out, that annoyance has not diminished, even though they aren't my teeth that are loose any more.

Lindsay just did not want to pull it though. She would try a little and then ask me to just take it out. For the longest time, I resisted, telling her she should be the one to do it, since it was her first loose tooth and all. But finally, on a night recently, she wore me down. The tooth was to the point where it was practically horizontal in her mouth, but she still refused to pull it. I was sitting on her bed, getting her settled for the night, and she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said "Mommy, I want you to do it." I sighed and agreed.

I'll tell you, I had no idea pulling someone else's tooth was so hard! It took me a good 5 minutes to get it out, mainly because those baby teeth are so dang small and slippery. I finally got the wise idea to use a piece of tissue, and I was able to get it out. But not before totally squicking out as I was feeling the little pieces of gum popping as they let go of the tooth.

Mommy was way more traumatized by the whole thing than Lindsay was. Lindsay proudly ran to show off the newly dislodged tooth to Daddy. But not before a slightly green looking Mommy informed her that she was never doing that again.

So the older of my two princesses has reached another milestone in life. Her mouth is not full of only baby teeth any more. Excuse me while I get choked up, and try to burn the memory of the actual tooth pulling from my brain.

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