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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today was a memory making day. The base here was having an Oktoberfest celebration, and the hubby was performing in it. So me and the kids ate a nice brunch this morning together, and then geared up and headed out.

It was a small thing, but more than big enough. There was music, German food, beer, carnival rides, more food, more beer, more music, more dancing, and the best of all. . .pony rides! We forked over the $10 to have both Lindsay and Logan do that. I was nervous, as I didn't know how Logan would react, but he did great. He rode with a grin on his face, and didn't even flip out when his pony decided to do a shake down.

The hubby performed, and then we spent an obscene amount of money procuring tickets for the rides. We were sure to stop and take the time to wolf down some amazing bratwurst though. Then we hit the rides, and we hit them hard.

I think the bigger shock of the day was that Logan actually rode some things, even the Gravitron. We rode the rides in varying pairs, as Hannah was still too little to ride anything, and Lindsay and Logan were on the cusp of a lot of rides. The daredevil of the day award went to Lindsay though. I can't wait till we have the money and the kids are big enough to hit an amusement park. Lindsay will be a great park companion, I'm wondering if there is anything she won't ride. Tonight she even stretched the hubby's limits I think when she insisted on going on a certain ride I didn't catch the name of. I looked at I think my reaction was something like "hahahahahahahahaha. . .NO." She really wanted to ride it though, so the hubby stepped up to the plate. For those that are familiar, it was similar to the Zipper, although actually a little crazier, as each car was at the end of an arm. (I've been trying to find it online to no avail, sigh)

We ended our evening with nachos and fresh funnel cake and then decided to call it a day, and got our popsicles, I mean kids, to the car. (the weather changed last night, and by the time darkness fell tonight, it was COLD.)

Fun times! And I hope my kids made some good memories tonight, I know I did!

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