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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a small update on the therapy front

Logan had two of his assessments today. Occupational therapy, which he was in before the move, and physical therapy, which is new. Averaging all the scores together, he scored at about a 36 month old level. (some scores were as high as 44, others were as low as 30) In months, he's 52 months old, and they said that puts him at about the 9th percentile developmentally. They said it's not terrible, they have kids that score so low they don't even make the 1 percentile mark, but he definitely still needs services. They actually had an opening already, so he begins those two therapies next week.

They also agreed that his biggest hurdle is still speech. We'll see what the speech therapist says when he finally gets in for that assessment, but I'm expecting him to score about 24 months, maybe a little higher, but no more than 30 months. At his assessment in June before the move he scored between 18 and 24 months, but he has made some progress since then, which is great.

So, in a nutshell, he definitely still qualified for OT and PT, and he starts that next week. We are still waiting to hear on his referrals for speech, the developmental pediatrician, and the pediatric cardiologist.


herself75 said...

glad to hear he's gettign the services he needs! I'm surprised they didn't eval him for everything at once. Colin's eval included speech, gross & fine motor, life skills, hearing, vision and an MCHAT - all in one afternoon!

BTW- we've relocated our H&C snark. drop me an email and I'll link you up.

Meghann said...

Yeah, they would have evaluated him for speech too, but they are not authorized speech providers for military insurance yet.