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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goal Post: Week 1

Goal #1: Um, showers went ok. I mainly didn't get to shower yesterday, but that was due to our shower having a major leak and us having to turn off the water to the whole house until we could fix it today. (Which I did, because I rock that way.)

Goal #2: I have actually done quite awesome at this. Most days I had one cup of coffee, and one pepsi. There were actually one or two days I didn't have pepsi at all. *gasp!* I am rediscovering things like juice and propel water for when I am thirsty instead of always just grabbing a pepsi. I am quite proud of this goal this week.

Goal #3: Have no idea how the weight loss is going, as it seems our scale is broken. Sigh.

Goal #4: I have been doing better at eating healthier things. I know one thing is I need to make myself eat when I get up. I have been watching my portions as well. I now know that a serving of cheez-its is 27 crackers. I think portion control is going to be big for me, because I know that I eat way too much. As for the active side, I did take the kids to the playground this week, and there was a pond there with a walking trail around it. We walked around it once. I think I might try to go walking there more often, it has a sign that says one lap is 1/3 of a mile. So I could actually know how far I walk and set some goals for myself.

So I think this was a successful first week. I think the hardest thing is missing the caffeine, I have felt really sluggish and tired all week. I think learning to eat healthy foods to get energy, and have my body not used to being dependent on caffeine is going to be an uphill battle.


Lacey said...

You are off to a great start!! Keep it up and you will hit those goals in no time!

The Mrs. said...

Go, Meghann, go! Like Lacey said, you're on your way!

Way to go on the Handy Manny-esque leak fix, by the way. You DO rock!