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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A birthday and pigtails

Well, yesterday was Ryan's birthday. I am now mother to an 8 year old! That seems so old to me. I know it's not really, but these first 8 years have just zipped by and I know it's only going to get worse. In another 8 years we'll be worrying about him driving, and girls, and all the "fun" high school worries. Sigh. I am so not ready for that. (although in fairness I don't think any parent ever is)

It seems like only yesterday he was my "pookie bear"

And now he's this big 8 year old (who I think would die of embarrassment if I called him "pookie bear")








Speaking of kids growing up and such, Miss Hannah's hair has finally started to grow in more. So today we had a first. They're teeny, but behold her first pigtails!


angi said...

happy birthday Ryan :)

and I love the pigtails Hannah!

The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Love that he's taking time of eating his cake to chat on the cell phone.

Cute piggies, Hannah! No 'do is cuter on a little girl than piggies.