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Friday, August 31, 2007

I have been tagged yet again!

I am so popular. And it helps with the writer's block, woo!

I was tagged by the mrs. at One Carbon Hill. Apparently I am supposed to come up with 6 weird things about myself. Then I am supposed to tag 6 people, but you all know me, I'll pick whatever number I want. I'm such a rebel that way.

I tag Angi and Lacey in revenge of all the times they have tagged me. And Kari and Kristi as a test to see if they are actually reading this. And then Aimee if she is bored and has time.

Ok, now 6 weird things. I'll try to come up with new ones, so my long time readers aren't bored.

1. I love to alphabetize things. I find it quite fun. I know that probably means I have a touch of OCD or whatever, but I still like it. I remember working in the assistant principals' office in 8th grade, and I was the only one that would actually volunteer to file things. (working in the office was actually an elective class if you can believe it. Easiest "A" of my life.)

2. Growing up as a kid, I used to have a recurring dream that we were driving in the bottom of a canyon. We'd start speeding towards the side, and right before we crashed, I would wake up. I'm sure there is some sort of psychological mumbo jumbo about that. Any one know the significance? (I'm not sure this qualifies as "weird", but since I have blogged multiple times about my eccentricities, I'm really having to pull these out of my butt this morning, deal with it.)

3. I own a dog, and love her to death. I play with her, and smile when I watch her, and she is one of the family. My deep dark secret? I don't really like dogs.

4. I have a fetish for pizza snacks. I know they are a million kinds of bad for me, but I still have to keep them stocked in the freezer at all times. My favorite are Bagel Bites. My gosh I love those things. Besides those, I also have a bag of supreme pizza rolls in the freezer at the moment.

5. When I am typing and need to think about what to type next, I have to look away from the computer screen. I look at my desk, the bookcase, out the window. Anything but AT the screen. It's like there are brain drain rays emitting from the screen and if I look directly at it, it's impossible to come up with a complete thought. It's really become a habit. I have tried to stop it, but the results are about the same as when I was a kid and tried to keep my eyes open when I sneezed.

6. I am partially color blind. It's in a weird way. I see a lot of blues as purple. I lost count how many times growing up I would say "Mom, look at that purple (insert whatever object here)" and have her answer "Meghann, it's blue." Sometimes she would even add "Like really blue." I've just kinda learned which shades of "purple" most people call blue and call them blue so people won't look at me like I'm a grownup who doesn't know her colors or something. Tangent-this one totally reminds me of a time in high school I went on a tour of a cave in Colorado with my father. Our tour guide that day said to excuse her if she was blinking and messing with her eyes a lot, but she had just had laser surgery that morning to fix her color blindness. She was also having to like learn her colors now that she could actually see them. No point to that story really, just thought of it and decided to share.

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