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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Early morning thoughts

I was sitting here, chatting online with my husband, when I was startled by the sound of doves taking off in flight right outside our sliding glass door. (which it so happens is right next to the computer.)

That got me thinking of a topic I have actually been contemplating a lot lately. See, our dog's food dish is right outside that door. And the doves? Were there eating her food, AGAIN. It's a daily occurrence. It's mostly doves that do it, but there will be the occasional sparrows.

The more I think about it, the more I am confused. The dog food I get has quite a bit of beef and chicken in it. So I can't help but wonder just how good the dog food can be for birds. Last time I checked, sparrows were not listed as a natural enemy of cows. (which incidentally, this early in the morning, that thought leads to an image in my head of a whole flock of sparrows taking down a cow. It's both funny and disturbing)

It doesn't help that our ever faithful watchdog just lays there and watches them eat her food. The bird population in our neighborhood does really seem to be thriving though. Hmm. . .

1 comment:

Swanny said...

Also, since the dog food contains chicken, it kind of makes the birds that are eating it some kind of cannibal birds. Bizarre.