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Monday, March 26, 2007

Capitalism R Us

So, I launched my new store. The first day I opened up my email to see that I had made 3 sales! I was ecstatic! Until I noticed that all the people who bought from me are friends. Not that I don't want my friends to buy things, that's not it at all. I guess if just one stranger out there had bought something, it would have been an affirmation that my stuff is good. When it's all your friends, you wonder if they are just pity sales.

I haven't made a single sale since that day. I am trying to be mature about it, but part of me wants to yell "Come, look at my stuff! Buy it! Make me feel good! Affirm me! Please just liiike meeee!" But, last time I checked that kind of behavior is frowned upon by people who no longer attend preschool. So I won't.

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