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Monday, February 26, 2007

Life in the fast lane

Well, this past weekend I got to experience a first: being evacuated from my home!

I was having a pretty normal Saturday. Was cruising online a bit and having a quiet day.

Then, my power goes out. We were having a wind storm so I didn't think much of it. Kinda sucks, but last time it happened the power was back on within half an hour.

An hour rolls by. I decide to get the kids ready and go get some drive thru for dinner since we still had no electricity. I go in the back yard to feed my dog her dinner. The neighbor who lives behind us yells "you aren't planning on going anywhere are you?" I was like "yeah, we are going to get some food" Then he says well you'll have to get out the back gate, there is a huge fire over that way. I look, and there are plumes of smoke everywhere! He then says "well, we should be ok since the wind isn't blowing this way."

I figure he's right. Until an hour later when I go look again, and hmm, some of that smoke looks closer, and there is a much wider area of it. Then I hear something. It's a cop and we are all being evacuated! So I throw the kids and dog in the car and then I got our box of important stuff (birth certificates etc.) and my hard drive.

We drove to a friend's house and waited for word on what was going on. Around 10 p.m. we find out it was a huge grassfire caused by the wind storm knocking down some power lines. Since it has been so dry here, and there were 40 mph winds, the fire spread fast. But then we found the good news that no structures were burned and residents were allowed back home. Since it was late I went ahead and stayed the night with my friend, cause I also didn't know when we would have power again.

We got home yesterday afternoon. (power was on, yay!) The whole thing was so scary. I seriously didn't know when we drove off if we were going to have a house to come back to. Driving home was creepy because we could see the black ground everywhere the fire was, and it really was not that far at all from our neighborhood. In fact in one spot it was just right across the street from a gas station!

But anyways, that was our excitement this weekend. Rock on! rockon.gif


Lorie said...

The smiley is hilarious! I'm glad the Meghann clan is ok! I'll have to visit you one of my off weekends. I have class every Saturday now, but I'm off 3/17 and 4/7. xoxo, Lorie

Michelle said...

I'm glad you are ok! I'm sorry I wasn't here for your call. :(