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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Littlest Diva

Lindsay has always been a princess, like I mentioned in the previous post. But it's not that she's very into herself. She just knows what she wants, and demands it. Hannah on the other hand, seems to be going the other direction. She is VERY into herself.

At her last dr. appointment they told me to put her in front of a mirror, as it stimulates their minds. Apparently it also stimulates their self esteem. I held her in front of the mirror and she saw me and just kinda stared, then proceeded to start looking around at everything in the bathroom. I was not ready to give up yet, so I put her closer to the mirror, and then something in the mirror caught her eye. Was it her loving mommy who was talking sweetly and smiling at her? No. It was her own reflection. And then she smiled so big she almost laughed for the first time.

Every mirror experience since then gets the same response. Mommy gets a stare, or on a good day a half hearted smile. Hannah gets the biggest smile in the world, complete with dimples and scrunched up eyes.

If there was a way to hold a baby out in front of a mirror and take a picture at the same time I would do it. But until then, you'll just have to use your imagination. It's very funny, I promise.

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