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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Coming out of the closet

I've been hiding something from a lot of my family and friends. Maybe it's because I am still in denial a bit.

It seems as I continue down this parenting voyage, I am actually becoming. . .crunchy.

There, I said it.

It all started with Logan. I decided to experiment with making our own baby food. It made sense at the time. Finances were tight, and after trying it once I saw how easy it actually was. And there was that added benefit of it being healthier too.

Then Hannah came along. I decided to buy a baby sling. Once again, it just seemed to make sense. I figured instead of lugging the double stroller everywhere, I could put Logan in an umbrella stroller, Hannah in the sling, and have Lindsay and Ryan walk. We'd be so much more portable that way!

I am also breast feeding Hannah. Two reasons: cheaper, and she was a preemie so I feel it is my duty to give her breastmilk. And then she went and liked it better than bottles, so I didn't even need to pump anymore. And to get sleep, I just have her sleep next to me in bed.

The final axe fell in the past few weeks. I started cloth diapering. Now, before you get your panties all in a bunch let me explain. You are probably envisioning having to do a complicated fold of a white cloth and then using pins right? Well, you would be wrong! There are like new ones out there now. Like these: Click here

Tell me, other than having to throw them in the washing machine, how are those any different than a disposable? And those particular diapers may seem expensive until you look at the fact that they are adjustable sized. I can use the exact same diaper on both Logan AND Hannah. When it is all said and done. I will probably spend about $3-400 on diapers. Take that and figure in the statistic that the average family spends something like $2,000 in disposables PER KID from birth to potty training.

So, either I am going crazy from the kids melting my brain, or this stuff is actually starting to make sense. But do me a favor, if you see me starting to wear massive amounts of tye-dye and braiding my hair, slap me.

1 comment:

Lacey said...

"But do me a favor, if you see me starting to wear massive amounts of tye-dye and braiding my hair, slap me."

Will do...gladly:-)

I don't think they are melting your brain...yet:-).

Somewhat crunchy is good!