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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And there was much rejoicing

You know the president has a difficult task right now. Trying to have talks with Russia to help with Iran, and maybe with Iran and other countries to try to persuade them to help with Iraq.

However for the past year, I have been engaged in talks that are even more difficult. Talks to try to convince my 3 year old daughter to potty train.

She has always "gotten" it. She just didn't give a rat's behind. I mean how much can you do when you ask your child "Do you want to be a big girl and get to wear. . .ooh look. .. princess panties?!!!! Or do you wannastillbeababyandwearadiaper?" And without fail, she would think for a second, and then confidently answer "a baby."

However this week was different. Her 4th birthday is looming, it's next week. I was really ticked off at the thought of having a 4 year old in diapers. Especially one who was perfectly capable of not being in diapers if she wanted. So last Sunday, I took her aside and had that loving conversation: "You are never wearing diapers again, do you hear me?" And I slapped a pair of those princess panties on her.

She looked stunned for a minute, then kinda shrugged and walked off. Besides a few accidents the first few days, she has done fine. We are done!

I am thinking of starting a petition to make this a national holiday.

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Lacey said...


Jacey was the SAME way..it finally took me doing the same thing and just throwing all the diapers out.

Glad she's done :-)