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Monday, May 08, 2006

Flashback part deux

A double dose!

"Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Want to know where my husband is right now? Out buying a new TV. You see, we both had agreed for some time that we need a new entertainment center, considering ours was a death trap. I finally talk him into going to the store, where we look around for a bit, and I see IT. The one I want! It's not the same one from my dreams, but it'll do nicely. (solid oak and everything, ooh!) But there is a problem, I have to convince Mr. Tightfist. I used a combination of puppy dog eyes, and the "see, look how expensive the ones over there are! And I'm not asking for them, I just want this one!" argument. (This kind of skill you only get from being married. They don't teach you these tactics in books.)

So we buy it, even though our TV will look like a joke inside of it. It arrived a few weeks ago, and has sat in our living room TVless. For some reason, Jeremy has been avoiding moving the TV over to it. Finally tonight he messages me from the store, where he has supposedly gone to buy groceries. I realize for the first time, they I may not have been totally clear on who was tricking who when it came to the entertainment center.

He wants a 32 inch TV he found, to better fit the entertainment center. It's for the good of the family! It's an aesthetic thing! We do't want our TV or entertainment center's feng shui to be off right? Sigh. The blasted TV is going to cost almost as much as the entertainment center. He owes me."

"Thursday, September 22, 2005

Random thoughts by Meghann:

Today I stopped at Sonic for dinner. Sat there trying to decide what I wanted to eat. Well, I know what I wanted, but most people don't count mozzarella sticks as a healthy meal. So I sit there and decide on a grilled chicken sandwich. As healthy as Sonic gets. Aren't you proud of me? I really wanted a double cheeseburger, but I am trying to shed a few pounds. Quick tangent-it really sucks to gain weight, lose it, and have everyone tell you how amazing you look, and then just gain it all right back again. Sigh. It won't be as amazing when I get down to the smaller size again, as people have already seen that trick. An 8, I was a size 8 if you can believe it. Ah, those were the days. In a way I still am a size 8. I can get the pants on and fastened after a significant amount of straining and evil thoughts toward the button and zipper. So I can get them on, but that's it. No walking or sitting or breathing.

Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Sonic. Ok, so I'm sitting there, and I see an advertisement underneath the menu on the pole. It says, and I quote, "Have you experienced a Diet Cherry Lemonade?" This piqued my interest. Experienced? Experienced?! How many of you out there can say you've "experienced" a beverage? Hmm, I thought so. And for those of you that raised your hands, I'm assuming it was the same as me: a cold, freshly made Starbucks Frappuccino on a hot day when you are feeling tired, and that frothy cold goodness sides down your throat and you can feel yourself waking up somewhere from deep within and. . .*cough* Sorry about that.

So, on a whim, I decide to order one, and "experience" it. It would help balance out the fact that I had ordered tator tots. Buying a grilled chicken sandwich and diet drink allows tots, no? I wait anxiously. Would it be too sweet? Too "diety"? Too. . .yucky? The food comes, and I pay and start to eat. Then thirst sets in. I decide to start my lemonade experience. That's when I notice something. Sonic is STILL trying to sell me stuff. On my cup there are the words "Have you tried an orange cream slush?" and something about a chocolate cream pie shake. They already have my money, and they are trying to get MORE. In a way, it's ingenious. I mean, odds are, you are going to look at your cup at least once while you are drinking it. And so it sets in, the voices. "Hmm. A cream slush, it's been a while since I've had one of those."

Another tangent-you know why it's been so long since I've had a cream slush? Because I have only had one flavor that I have liked, and of course, THAT's the one they discontinued. How I miss you raspberry cream slush! I can't fathom how this always happens to me. I have my "thing" at each place I like getting. I am definitely a creature of habit. Except when those darn voices interfere. I still haven't forgiven Starbucks for discontinuing the Tazoberry, or Taco Bell for taking away the black olives on the mexican pizzas. Remember? In the good old days of Taco Bell, before they decided to screw everything up? Yes, they have screwed everything up, the old beans and meat were much better. And I have the trump..... remember Cinnamon Crispies? AHA! See? SEE?!?!?! They have slightly made up for it with the new taco salads that have the best. salsa. ever. But this feeling of emptiness will never be gone without the presence of Crispies. Sigh.

I don't know what the point of all this was, I just needed to you know, ramble.

p.s.-the Cherry Lemonade was decent. Will be getting it again.

"Have you experienced Diet Cherry Lemonade?"
"Why yes, yes I have!""

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