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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dried Lava to Sparkles

A sampling of reactions from my daughters' reactions to the dresses worn to the Golden Globes this evening, just because life is so amazingly stressful right now I NEEDED something like this to blog.

For those who don't know, Hannah is 6, and Lindsay is 10.

Claire Danes:
H: Eh, no. (Me: why not?) Because of that line thing that shows her feet.
L: I like that one. It's a pretty dress, even though it doesn't have any glitter or anything.

Amy Adams:
H: No. (Why not?) It's just. . .ugh. (She seems too disgusted for words.)
L: I don't think so. It's a dull color.

Amy Poehler:
H: That's not a dress. (But how does she look?) *silence*
L: It's pretty good.

Tina Fey:
H: That's too much flowers.
L: I like those flowers. She's got style.
(an aside, did she change her dress or something? We didn't watch the actual show.)

Zooey Deschanel:
H: I like it a little.
L: I love that one, it's the color of roses.

Debra Messing:
H: It looks like dried lava.
L: The ruffles are pretty good.

Alyssa Milano:
H: I like that one, but not the belt part.
L: I like the train and the color.

Hayden Panettiere:
H: Ooh, I like this one too. It's so white!
L: Oooooh! Ahhhhhh!

Anne Hathaway:
H: Uhhh, it's skinny. Nope.
L:It looks like she's ready to go to a party, which is pretty good.

Jodie Foster:
H: Oooooh sparkly!
L: Are those sparkles? (yes.) I LOVE sparkles!

Halle Berry:
H: I like the colors. (when the cutout part was pointed out to her) So?
L: I don't think so. The split part is almost showing her underwear.

Mayim Byalik:
H: Ummmm. Maybe.
L: I like the shimmer and tulle.

Jennifer Lopez:
H: Pretty!
L: It's a job well done.

Sofia Vergara:
Hannah: Gasp!
Lindsay: That's BEAUTIFUL.

Salma Hayek:
H: Why is there a bow?
L: I don't like the way her breasts poof up.

Jennifer Garner:
H: Pretty!
L: Now THAT'S a dress.

Hannah's favorite: Isla Fisher. "Cause sparkles." Yes, of course.

Lindsay's favorite: Alyssa Milano "It's pretty. Really pretty." Well, there you go.

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Jim Lehmer said...

Tell Lindsay some of us LIKE dresses that make the breasts poof up. :)