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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Movie Companion

Ryan and I have seen every Harry Potter movie together, in the theater, at least since Goblet of Fire. It has become a tradition, for the two of us to go as soon as possible when they are released. For this last one, I decided we should end the series with a bang. I bought tickets to the midnight release. It was a blast, and I loved the movie. So did Ryan.

There was something really emotional for me about seeing the last one, and it really didn't have anything to do with the movie. You see, Ryan and I did see the first one together in a theater not long after it was released. Well, the first half anyway. We were on vacation and a group of family went, and we decided to take Ryan, even though it was a gamble. He was 18 months old. He made it through until the halfway point, and then he just couldn't be quiet any more. I spent the rest of the movie in the lobby, letting him toddle around.

There was a striking difference with the Ryan I took with me Thursday night. We started the series together, and we ended it together. However, I no longer had a toddler getting into mischief in the theater lobby. I had a young man with me, who thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie, and I was able to discuss the intricacies of the film with on the way home.

Here is where I segue into the part about how we are dealing with issues with Ryan now that we haven't had to deal with since he was little. I have mentioned before that Ryan had a severe brain injury when he was born. He was followed by a team of specialists, and a lot of my time and energy was spent dealing with his medical issues and worrying about his future. When he was 4, he was cleared for good. We were told we never had to see the specialists again. We could get on with a normal life and be free.

However, in the afternoon before we went to the movie, we were at the doctor. Ryan has been having headaches lately. We don't know why, and his medical history is coming back to haunt us. The doctor wants us to go back to those specialists we were freed from so long ago. An MRI is scheduled the first week of August. I'm trying to be optimistic. I suffer from migraines, so it could just be genetics coming in to play. At the same time, I hate the idea of him having to suffer from migraines, especially after everything he has been through. Once again we're at a medical crossroads where I'm not sure what result to root for.

I have hope, though. My Harry Potter movie buddy has defied all the medical odds so far, so I have faith he is just going to keep on kicking the snot out of whatever comes his way.

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monstergirlee said...

I hope & pray so too!